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  • 28 min
  • 2017
Supreme Gentlemen

Denis Vasalle is a hard-nosed college news journalist on a mission to investigate Delta Beta Chi, a local frat plagued by allegations of sexual misconduct. With the help of his best friend Ria, Denis gains access to one of their sordid parties and starts to uncover the nature of courtship between men and women - leading himself to question his own masculinity.


  • DirectorRyan Chan
  • ProducerRyan Chan
  • Executive ProducersRyan Chan & Aashna Chopra
  • WritersVishnu Hari & Ryan Chan
  • CinematographerChristopher Ripley
  • ComposerAndrew Johnson
  • EditorsKeith Croket & Ryan Chan
  • StarringVinesh Nagrani, Anton Sherbin & Hannah Fronenberg,

Awards & Recognition

  • '18Montreal World Film Festival
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